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Do you want to add a touch of personality to your Dior bags but just don’t know how? Introducing these are the Dior Straps which prove practical whenever we feel like accessorizing, customizing and personalizing our beautiful Dior bags!

Released for Dior Summer 2017 Collection, there are three stylish designs that you can choose from! But we’re certain that there will be at least one particular style that will suit your taste.

First on the list is the Shoulder Strap with “Cannage” Design, which represents the classic design of this French fashion power house. It features jewelry in light gold-tone metal and can be paired over all Dior bags. Among the three, this one has the most simplistic appeal that most likely will never go out of style. It measures 114 x 4.7 cm.

The second one would be J’Adior Shoulder Strap with aged gold-tone metal J’ADIOR block letters. This adjustable strap is a match made in heaven for women who’d like to further add a touch of modernity and panache to their Dior bags! It’s a new complete new design as well.. It measures 114 x 4.7 cm.

Last on the list would be this Dior Shoulder Strap in Studded Calfskin, which also features aged gold-tone metal jewelry and perfectly complements the leather. It measures 114 x 4.7 cm.

Dior Cannage Design Shoulder Strap
Size: 114 x 4.7 cm
Prices: €450 euro, £410 GBP, ₩690,000 WON

Dior J’Adior Shoulder Strap
Size: 114 x 4.7 cm
Prices: €950 euro, £850 GBP, ₩1,450,000 WON

Dior J’Adior Studded Shoulder Strap
Size: 114 x 4.7 cm
Prices: €900 euro, £800 GBP






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Introducing Prada Ribbon Bags

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In collaboration with Prada.

Lately, I’ve been fully immersed in the world of Prada. I owe you all a post on the bag I’ve been carrying since having Millie (it’s Prada nylon and not technically a diaper bag, more on that to come soon), and recently I fell for the Prada Plex Ribbon Bag. I just really love a good Prada bag, and I’m excited to expand on my recent coverage of one of these bags to give you more of a look into the newest collection from the brand, Prada Ribbon Bags. Including jewels, metal and a bowling bag, here is a look at the newest range of handbags from Prada.


prada metal ribbon bag in white + black + marble gray $2,280

Everything about the Prada Ribbon line is oh-so-Prada, with a strong, modern, eye-catching touches with reminders of Prada’s penchant for Deco-inspired graphic prints. Miuccia Prada said that for her Spring 2017 collection, she wanted to simplify and declutter, which can be seen in the clean lines of the bags. There’s something so satisfying about a tightly designed new bag that offers an intriguing element, and that is precisely what the Ribbon bags do.

prada jewels ribbon bag in black + jade green $2,840 – prada metal ribbon in marble gray + jade green + black $2,280

When Vlad and I saw first saw these bags, I spent time playing with the long leather loop, sometimes tucking it in so it wasn’t as bold and other times leaving it to hang long like the attention-getting runway styling. Tucking the loop under only works on the Plex Ribbon bag, as you can slide the loop into the plex closure, while on other versions, the mechanism to open and close the bag is a bit different.

prada jewels ribbon bag in black + begonia pink $2,840

There are several different design options when it comes to the shoulder bag, including an ornate, jeweled metal turnlock closure and a modern floral print, as well as clean pairings of color and simple hardware. Each shoulder bag offers an optional shoulder strap–some leather, others chain–which allows each bag also to be carried as a clutch. I love this version of the bag; it’s just the right size and it stands out as a fashion accessory that easily stands differentiates itself from others on the market. I already sung my praises for this bag, and after seeing additional renditions, I find myself really loving the simple metal clasp with the beautiful begonia pink and black print.

prada metal ribbon bags in mango + black, begonia + black $2,400

The interior of these bags provides plenty of space, with two inside pockets, one with a zipper closure. I find most Prada bags to make a lot of sense when it comes to interior storage, and while these bags aren’t huge, how owners will use the compartments and carry the bags was clearly taken into account. Dimensions of the leather versions with the metal clasp are 11″ x 6.2″ x 2.3″, which means the bag is long but sits close to your body if you’re using the shoulder strap (or under your arm, if you’re carrying it as a clutch). The jeweled version is a bit smaller and obviously a tad heavier because of the embellishments. Prices range from $2,160 to $3,450 at Prada.com.


prada bowling ribbon bag in fire engine red + garnet + sunny yellow
$2,160 via prada.com

The next style in the Ribbon line is the Prada Bowling Ribbon Bag, and I was pretty excited to see this one in person after seeing it on the runway. While I love Prada’s signature textured Saffiano, the brand’s smooth calf leather is some of the most supple and durable out there. In fact, I constantly hear people asking me to feature other Prada leathers aside from Saffiano, so here it is. I’ve held this bag, I’ve played with it, I’ve noted the size and usability–it’s just right. The leather smells so good–it’s that reminder you get when you open up a new bag and let the smell consume you. This bag has that.

prada bowling ribbon bag in fire engine red + garnet + sunny yellow
$2,160 via prada.com

The top handles are one way you can carry the Bowling Ribbon Bag, or you can use an optional leather shoulder strap as well. While there’s an all-black option, I’m drawn to the colorblocking options more. The red, maroon and yellow combo is quite lovely, as is the geometric floral print, if you want to make more of an impact. The interior has just enough space for everything you need, and because the shape is east/west, you don’t have to worry as much about losing everything inside of the bag. Two inside pockets, including one with a zipper closure, and overall dimensions are 11.4″ x 7.6″ x 6.6″. The Ribbon detailing you’ll find on this bag hangs from either side, showcasing a different look on an otherwise simple, clean design. Prices are $2,160 for leather and colorblocked leather and $2,400 for floral print.

prada metal ribbon bags in begonia + black

Prada Ribbon is precisely what I love about handbags: it’s wearable while offering a trendy touch. I, like many of you, own plenty of straightforward everyday bags, but sometimes all I want–and what my collection needs–is a standout seasonal piece that I can still go back to for years to come. The Prada Ribbon line offers it in an eye-catching clutch/shoulder bag combination or luxurious everyday satchel.

prada metal ribbon bags in mango + black, begonia + black $2,400

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Hublot celebrates Ferrari’s 70th anniversary with a special tourbillon chronograph

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Ferrari has had a solid relationship with Hublot for the last five years and the Italian carmaker decided to celebrate its 70th anniversary by collaborating together on another special edition timepiece. Welcome the Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph – a watch introduced at the Baselworld 2017 that has been designed by Ferrari and crafted by Hublot with a brand new movement. The timepiece started out in Maranello, Italy, where Ferrari’s Head of Design Flavio Manzoni built a sound and agile “chassis” around Hublot’s “engine,” the watch’s HUB6311 movement.

The Techframe Ferrari 70 years Tourbillon Chronograph exhibits the design DNA of the iconic carmaker. Like that of a Ferrari, its lattice structure—that is unique in the world of watchmaking—offers maximum strength for minimal weight. “The styling of the Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph underlines the performances of the watch and no component is there by chance”, explains Flavio Manzoni.

The piece features a sapphire dial with the Ferrari logo at 9 o’clock and the Hublot’s monogram at 5 o’clock. On top of it is a matte black block that holds a race-inspired twin half-second counter at 3 o’clock, the minutes counter opposite it and the column wheel at 1 o’clock. The crown at 4 o’clock reduces the size of the watch to the greatest possible extent, and increases its aerodynamic look. The new HUB6311 manual-wind movement is made of 253 components and has a 5-day power reserve. The chronograph is a single pusher function for starting, stopping, and resetting the timer. The back cover of the case is engraved in black with “Limited Edition, No. XX/70”, and the sapphire back is adorned with “Ferrari 70 Years”. The Techframe Ferrari 70 Years is available in three versions — King Gold, PEEK Carbon, and Titanium. And watch will see a limited run of only 70 piece.

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Gucci Gets Heavily into the Brand’s Signature Bamboo for Its Fall 2017 Bags

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Pretty in pink! Pink power is apparent in this most coveted Dolce & Gabbana’s bag, which received a girly update with its charming embroidery to the front. Ladies, this is the newest Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Embroidered Shoulder Bag which is a perfect match for your summer overalls.

If you could just bottle up all the pretty feelings and details in the world, then this Dolce & Gabbana bag would be the perfect example. With its ethereal feel to it, this is certainly the girliest everyday bag you could ever own.

Beautifully crafted from smooth leather in an elegant mauve hue, this Dolce & Gabbana creation is made all the more charming and irresistible by its signature lock-shaped closure that has a tiny white flower to it. Talk about cuteness in one bag!

It also features an adjustable golden chain and leather shoulder strap for easy carrying. It measures 6.5” x 9.5” x 3” (H x W x D) inches and is priced $3695 USD, €2450 euros, $27500 HKD, $5500 AUD, ¥349000 JPY





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A new Saint Laurent Bag that will remind you of your teeny boppy days, this one is perfect for carrying around for quick catch ups with your long time girl friends. Ladies, release your bag obsession as we present to you this Saint Laurent Teen Monogram Bag.

Fresh, fun, and vibrant, this Teen Monogram Bag from Saint Laurent is the one you’ll be reaching for before leaving the door on Saturday afternoons. It features its signature printed logo on front panel and the metal logo detail. To spice things up, the creative people behind Saint Laurent perfectly matched it with gold colored metal hardware. And oh, don’t forget that little tassel that has the YSL signature charm on it.

For an added sense of protection, this bag features a top zip closure with tassel. It also has an adjustable leather shoulder strap for easy transition from being a shoulder bag to a cross body bag. Looking inside, it has one internal patch pocket and six internal card slots.

Measuring 17 x 24 x 1.5 (H x W x D) cm and is priced $995 USD, 695 euro, 625 GBP, 1420 SGD, 95000 JPY, 1120 AUD






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