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As you might know, the year 2016 is not going to be soft and easy. And like every year, Chanel will be increasing the prices again (well, the probability is very high).

So how many price increase? Well, we do not know, but they can increase twice a year.

All right, now we just received a message from Janice that the price of the Chanel Medium/Large Classic Flap Bag has been increased in the United Kingdom . If this is true, then that means that all European countries is going to follow.

So let’s do a quick calculation shall we? The price jump GBP is around 10% price increase.


 Chanel Price Increase 2016

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A few weeks ago, we introduced the Boy Chanel Chain Around Bag and we’re absolutely stunned by the design. So today, we want to show you the colors that are available.

When you think of the Boy Bag, what comes into your mind? The beautiful chains and the iconic boy clasp, right? Well, first of all you can’t get more chains on a mini bag than this. The interwoven chain design has been embellished around the front flap as well. And I love it because it’s so unique and lady-like (It’s the first-time that Chanel has created the Boy Chain Around Bag).

Oh, did we mention about the new Boy Clasp yet? It’s has been completely redesigned and replaced with diamond patterns. And the CC logo is much larger than its previous version.

You only have once chance to claim this bag. This design is new and will probably be discontinued after this collection end. So is it worth your investment? Style code A583221, measuring 4.5’ x 7.5’ x 1.4’ inches and priced at €1950 euro via Chanel boutique.

Pictures courtesy of: lux_brands_boutique

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Top 5 Plaid Bags: A Checkered Future

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Forget beat-up flannels. This isn’t the grunge plaid of the ’90s we’ve become so re-familiarized with in recent seasons. Checkered lines have taken a polished turn, so think only chic and elevated for the new season. You know how much I love floral prints; this fall, I’m treating plaid as the ultimate staple print. Yep, it’s time to get ready, but don’t panic if you’re not ready to give up on summer just yet. A couple of these bags are definitely transitional pieces, like Proenza Schouler’s PS1 and the fun, light Carven tote.


1.Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Shoulder Bag: A soft, white-on-black palette and a versatile, wool-blend fabric: think of this as plaid for beginners. 


2.Prada Saffiano Tartan-Print Top-Handle Bag: I already fell for an earlier rendering of this pattern. Now I’m enjoying it even more in ladylike, top-handle form. 


3.Carven Black and White Plaid Canvas Tote: Perfect for extra gym clothes or heavy office days, this canvas tote can take you year-round, thanks to the floral flourish.


4.Giuseppe Zanotti Red And Black Plaid Mini Backpack: This one is more intense – and that’s why I like it. Go unapologetic with classic red tartan topped with toothy hardware.


5.Isabel Marant Etoile Grey Plaid Wool Rusty Tote: A  plush autumn tote that can almost double as a cozy blanket? This will come in handy come fall. 

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There’s a new Chanel Wallet on Chain Bag that’s making us happy and is the reason why we are wearing this smile from ear to ear. We are of course talking about the Boy Chanel Chain Around Quilted Wallet On Chain Bag.

We are digging the look of this newest Chanel WOC. And why not? It looks effortlessly elegant and chic in all the right angles. The diamond quilting effect is a trademark for which Chanel is known for and it further does justice to this wallet on chain. The metal blue color is something fresh to look at, the color is actually cool to the eyes.

So what’s worth the rave about this Chanel WOC? It has a beautiful CC closure on the front and at the same time it is embellished and even made more beautiful with chains around the edges of the front flap. Talk about owning an edgier WOC and you’re sure to rule the fashion world!

Featuring the new boy clasp, the beautiful boyish chain crafted around the edges of the front flap, this is the new thing – a seasonal piece that once you’ve bought it, it’s yours forever. And because it seasonal, you will be one of the few to own it.

The style code for this Wallet is A583221, measuring 4.5’ x 7.5’ x 1.4’ inches, priced at €1950 euro via Chanel boutique.


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5 Bags Every Woman Should Have by Age 30: The Magic Number

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5 Bags Every Woman Should Have by Age 30

When we’re in our twenties, a lot of us enforce a few life goals to hit by the time we’re 30. Whether it’s a fast-accelerating career, dream wedding (and a dream husband to go with it), or a baby on the way, 30 is the age when we feel things ought to get “serious” in one way or another. I’m not here to give you one more item to add to your checklist (or five, more specifically), but to tell you not to fret. Think bags, instead of big picture! Because even if you haven’t quite grown up yet, your bag wardrobe can help suggest otherwise.

1. Treasure: Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile and Python Small Chain-Strap Bagicon
It’s time to consider a true exotic. Nancy Gonzalez’s crocodile pieces – like this young, fun shape topped with python – are reasonably priced, compared to say, one by Chanel or Hermès. 

2. Clutch: Givenchy Evening Clutch in Black Leathericon
You’re ready for a grown-up clutch. Think of this as a piece that works just as well for evening cocktail parties as it does as a ladies-who-lunch bag – even if you don’t lunch. Hey, if you’re not yet married, you might need to whip it out to impress a future mother-in-law. 

3. Trendy: Chloé Gala Leather Bucket Bagicon
Think on-trend but not trendy. A mini bucket feels very “right now,” but this one won’t fade away once the style does. Beautiful details (just look at that handle) and a multi-seasonal hue means this flirty bag projects timeless charm. 

4. Tote: Prada Saffiano Galleria Tote with Pocketicon
Prada’s saffiano-leather bags are instant indicators of easy, classic sophistication. With a hardware-topped front pocket, this work-to-weekend tote projects just enough edge to keep you interested. 

5. Travel: Valextra Large Shopping Toteicon
Don’t be afraid to invest in a good travel bag. Leave your nylon backpack at home, and take Valextra’s luxurious yet understated shopper for a spin. Versatile enough to act as a carryon, overnighter, or even decadent gym bag, this one goes the distance. 

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The 20 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of July 1

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Tag: bag For The BEST 20 Deals Weekend of July 1

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